Freight Forwarder in McKinney

At RJK Xpress LLC, we do more than simply load and unload freight for our McKinney clients. Here, we help clients transport their shipments great distances without issue. Partnering with the most reputable and suitable logistics companies in the region, we save you time, money—and promise peace of mind.

When you want instant quotes, optimized routing for shipments, and unbeatable rates, look to our freight forwarding company. We’ll transport your valuables without issue, and we will even handle all the excessive paperwork that comes with working with different companies.

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Reap the Benefits of Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding companies don’t just ship your belongings like any other transportation company. They act as your representatives and advocates when dealing with logistics companies. They find you the carriers and experts that get your goods vast distances in a timely fashion—and for great rates, too.

Some of the benefits of working with first-rate freight forwarders like us include:

  • Network of logistics companies at our disposal
  • Fast quotes for countless providers
  • In-depth cost breakdowns
  • Route optimization
  • Years of experience

Handling Items with Care

It isn’t enough to transport belongings great distances in a timely fashion. As important as deadlines are to us, we also understand the value of your freight. For these reasons and more, we only pair you with the most reputable specialty logistics companies throughout the industry. You won’t have to worry about fragile items being mishandled or improperly transported. In fact, you won’t have to worry about a thing.  

When you want to reap the many benefits of freight forwarding services, there is no better team to look to than ours. With us, you’ll get nothing less than the finest service available. Call us today to learn more.

Shipping Made Simple

There is a lot that goes into forwarding freight great distances. Some shipments might transfer from land to sea to rail before making its way back to land. With these many exchanges and checkpoints comes much paperwork, many export declarations, insurance forms, and letters of voice.

Thankfully, the finer points of freight forwarding are no mystery to us. Our years of experience ensure that we will file every document in an above-board and meticulous manner. We will note every detail and report every item, so you won’t have to.

Great Shipping Rates in Store for You

Being business owners ourselves, we know what is important to our clients. Some of the most important things are the rates and fees. For some, the deciding factor is a company’s service rates.

Here, we keep our rates low. We are able to do so not by skimping on services, but by streamlining operations. We conduct ourselves with unrivaled efficiency—and we do it all for the benefit of the clients.

For great service, great rates, and more, look to the best. Look to us. Call (469) 888-9062 at your convenience.